I love the magic, the meaning and magnetic power of jewelry.

That the most valuable jewels in the world, are the ones that mean the most to you.

How bejeweled rings, on the hands of grown-ups, seem so giant to a child.

That a radiant jewelry box can transform a child, and fairytale them away to a star-filled sky.

How jewelry can be a gateway into a world of magical fun.

How jewelry bears witness to your life, telling stories of precious shared moments, of quiet self-discovery, and the perfect random find.

How older generations lovingly pass on their jewels to the next generation, hoping to pass on a bit of their adventures.

I love seeing my designs on real people, worn in ways I’d never imagined.

And it´s the business that makes all this magic possible.

If you think that's something I can help with, email me at info@saraljung.com


Please email me at info@saraljung.com

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